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BQ Platform

This was taken from the Globe and Mail website, April 6.


The Economy

  • Increase support for the forest industry. The Bloc questions why forestry and manufacturing haven’t received the help the auto industry has.
  • Secure .2-billion from Ottawa in compensation to Quebec for harmonizing its sales tax.
  • Changes to Employment Insurance which include: Eliminating the two-week waiting period, increasing the benefit rate to 60 per cent of wages earned from 55 per cent, and studying the possibility of extending the program to the self-employed.
  • Increase the Canada Summer Jobs budget to $123.5 million – indexed to the minimum wage level and rising cost of living.
  • Imposing a 2 per cent surtax on annual incomes of between $150,000 and %250,000 and a 3 per cent surtax on incomes over $250,000 in order to generate $4.8-billion in revenue. (From party platform)
  • The platform calls on the federal government to introduce a tax on non-monetary bonuses.
  • Eliminate tax shelters for banks and big business. (From party platform)
  • More support for small and medium businesses and the return of the Canadian Textiles Program. (From party platform)
  • Equalization payment reform.



  • Push the federal government to restore education transfers to the levels seen before the cuts in the mid-nineties.
  • Continued support for tax-exempt scholarships for postdoctoral students.



In their platform the Bloc propose $250-million over 5 years for a tax credit for caregivers.



  • Require the federal government to submit military equipment purchases costing more than $100-million to the standing committee on national defence and veterans affairs for consideration. (From party platform)
  • Clarify that the National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman reports to Parliament and not the government.
  • A monthly pension for life for disabled military veterans and more government resources for veteran health, including PTSD.



  • Raise Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) by a minimum of $110/month.
  • Make people over 65 automatically qualify for GIS.
  • Increase family income allowable under GIS.
  • Take measures to encourage phased retirement.



  • Continue to support $184-million per year going to a federal child-care tax credit.
  • Gradual investment by the federal government until $2-billion per year is invested in social housing.



  • Calls for the insertion of a clause explicitly prohibiting the expulsion of an individual to countries where they risk torture.
  • Urges the federal government to expedite family reunification and to begin negotiations with Quebec to transfer responsiblity for family reunification.
  • Calls on feds to accomodate disaster victims quickly and to create a contingency plan that will establish guidelines in the case of a humanitarian disaster.


The Environment

  • Calls for federal funding for a high speed rail that would link Quebec City and Montreal that could be extended to Windsor and New York.
  • $750-million in party platform for the development of green energy.
  • The Bloc platform proposes financial incentives for implementing alternative energy (geothermal, biogas from landfills, wind, solar etc.).
  • Eventual mandatory – but free – energy assessments. (From party platform)
  • Amendments to building code standards for thermal efficiency in older homes and require that standard be met before renovation permit issued. (From party platform)
  • The Bloc platform calls for serious effort to be made towards widespread use of the electric car.
  • Impose absolute targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the short and medium term to match targets set by Kyoto Protocol. (From party platform)
  • Plans to develop and protect the St. Lawrence River.