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Deanna McArthur

Deanna McArthur

Deanna McArthur is a native of Calgary, Alberta.

Name: Deanna McArthur

Age: 23

Deanna McArthur is a graduate from the Journalism program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). She has also completed a Bachelor of Communications Studies degree from the University of Calgary.

Deanna has never been very interested in politics due to her lack of understanding of the subject and has looked unsuccessfully in the past for a source in which could supply her with easy to understand information on the different political parties during election times.

She’s chosen to take part in so she can continue to learn as well as help others to gain knowledge regarding Canadian elections, how they work and how she as a young adult can make a difference by voting.

When she’s not out helping the world she likes taking light flights over Europe without an airplane, in other words she’s a sky diving maniac!