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FAQs about voting

The federal election on May 2 takes place after the end of the school year in most Canadian universities and colleges – a busy time for many students. Now is a good time to explore early voting opportunities.

Voting day (1)

What ID do I need to show when I vote?

When you vote, you must prove your identity and address. See the types of proof of identity and address accepted at the polls.

If you don’t have accepted identification and proof of address documents, you can swear an oath and have an elector you know vouch for you, (for example, a roommate or relative). This person must live in the same polling division as you and show accepted identification and proof of address documents.

Advice for students on voter ID:

  • Student ID cards are accepted as proof of identity.
  • Any document issued by your school and sent to you by postal mail, showing your specific address is accepted as proof of address.
  • If you live on campus in a student residence, you can ask the residence administration for an Attestation of Residence,an official letter that says you live there. When you vote, you can prove your address by showing your Attestation of Residence. You will also need to prove your identity. See the types of proof of identity accepted at the polls.



This information is taken from the Elections Canada website


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