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Vote Compass

Screen shot from Vote Compass module from

If you’ve ever been confused about all the political jargon going around, recently the CBC has released a module called Vote Compass, to help voters understand where they stand in terms of political ideals.  It asks a series of questions, to which you respond with “strongly agree” or “strongly disagree”, or in between, and based on your answers it will place you somewhere on the political scale to help you understand to which political party and ideals you are more in line with.

You can view the The CBC’s Vote Compas by clicking on the following link to see it in a new window. NOTE: There has been a bit of controversy recently over the compass—some argue that it is a little biased towards the Liberal Party—and we do not in any way endorse nor agree with necessarily where it places you on the scale, and how it is done. Give it a try, and if you are interested in the discussion surrounding it. Here is a link to the National Post.

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