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Understanding ideology

Brief overview

Two of the biggest words that we always hear with regards to politics, is conservatism, and liberalism.  Our two largest political parties are named after those two words which can add to the confusion.  Simply defined, conservatism focuses on people to keep a country’s economy running, and liberalism focuses on the government keeping an economy running.

Conservatives, at the core believe in empowering people by having as little government intervention as possible in their day-to-day lives, and operations of business.  Liberals turn more towards empowerment of people through government run social programs to help everyone live equally.  We won’t have a large discussion on either ideals here, this page is to merely inform voters more about what each is.  For a larger discussion, follow our blog, where we will have people engage more on modern ideals, and what political parties are doing nowadays, because no-one is purely one ideal.  The other major parties in Canada have their own ideals, some fall one way, and some another.  For an interesting article comparing the two see the Student News Daily article Conservative vs. Liberal beliefs