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Why another election?

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Canadians go to the polls on May 2, 2011

On March 25, 2011 a historic event took place in the Ottawa’s House of Commons. The minority Conservative government was defeated on a vote of non-confidence with a motion of finding the government in contempt making it the first government in Canada’s history to de defeated by the opposition parties by a motion of contempt and subsequently dissolved to prepare for a federal election.

Reuters news service reported that “The opposition toppled Canada’s Conservative government on Friday (March 25), accusing it of sleaze and mismanagement, and set the scene for a May election that polls indicate the Conservatives will win.

Opposition legislators threw papers in the air in glee after voting 156-145 in the House of Commons to defeat the minority government, which they also say has mismanaged the economy and is overly secretive.

The defeat paves the way for an election that will likely be fought on two main themes — ethics and the economy.”

So why did this happen, and more importantly what happens next?

Let’s have Rick Mercer explain it for us:

For a more technical analysis see the following Maclean’s video