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Leader: Jack Layton

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Jack Layton

ew Democrat Leader Jack Layton at an event in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on April 9, 2011. Courtesy of NDP Party of Canada

Through three decades of public service, and as Leader of Canada’s New Democrats since 2003, Jack Layton is delivering the kind of change that can make life better for you and your family.

Months after taking his place in Parliament, Jack Layton successfully rewrote the 2005 federal budget. In place of $4.6-billion in corporate tax giveaways, Layton secured investments in better priorities— affordable housing, training, public transit, energy efficiency, development assistance and wage protection.

At last: this was policy from the kitchen table, not the boardroom table, and ordinary Canadians responded.

Election 2008 returned Layton to Ottawa with an even stronger team that has been the real opposition to Stephen Harper. While the numerically stronger Liberals rubber-stamped the Conservative agenda by skipping votes, Layton’s New Democrats held Harper to account. On the jobs and affordability crisis. On health care wait times. On global warming. On the issues that really matter to you.

In May 2010, over Harper’s objections, Jack Layton made history again. By passing Layton’s Climate Change Accountability Act, the House of Commons became the world’s first legislature to adopt science-based targets to cut climate-changing emissions— by 80% before 2050.

For Jack Layton, leadership is all about teamwork. Systematically since 2003, he has been building the strongest possible team— diverse, committed, national— to represent ordinary Canadians. By 2007, pundits knew something special was happening: after a by-election landslide in Outremont, Layton welcomed Quebec’s first New Democrat MP in a generation.

Jack Layton is ready to take the next step. Alongside an extraordinary team of New Democrat candidates, Jack Layton is applying for a new job: Prime Minister of Canada.

A Prime Minister who’ll put you and your family first.

Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done!


  • Ben Lacusta

    look I’m jack layton and i have a magic wand that can magically summon 2500 doctors to hire….. I had no idea that a NDP government would be powered by Hogwarts

    • Marvin Calderon

      Personally I think Jack shined on the debate concerning health care, but that’s just because his ideology fits perfectly with social assistance. I don’t really think he has much to offer besides that though. All the other candidates had their moments last night but nothing really spoke out to the young voters. Too bad.