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Liberal Platform

On April 6 the Globe and Mail published a summarized list of the Liberal Party platform released on their official website. The following is the article as published along with an interactive PDF version on the right. To navigate the pages simply click on the left and right arrows on each page and click “esc” to exit.

The Economy

  • Reverse corporate tax cuts, saving $5.2-billion
  • Reduce the size of the deficit to about $18.9-billion by the year 2012 -2013.
  • Find $500-million through a program review reallocation, $225-million from ending the oil sands tax break and $263-million from canceling the Public Private Partnerships program.


  • A ‘Canadian Learning Passport,’ which would offer $4,000 in tax-free grants who choose to go to university, college or CEGEP. (More for students from low-income families)
  • Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund – to help create social infrastructure – that begins with $500-million in the first year, rising to annual commitment of $1-billion by the fourth year.
  • Veterans’ Learning Benefit to pay for post-secondary and technical education for Canadian Forces veterans.
  • More funding for language skills training for new Canadians, eventually reaching $100-million a year.


  • Establish “National Food Policy,” which includes measures such as: new food labeling regulations; stronger regulation on transfats and salt; $40-million over four years for Healthy Start program, providing healthy food to children of low-income families; $80-million for Buy Local Fund; comprehensive review of Canadian Food Inspection Agency, along with additional funding.
  • Public education campaign and additional funding for brain research, particularly into diseases including dementia and Alzheimer’s.


  • Immediately cancel the F-35 stealth fighter jet deal and hold a competition to determine what planes Canada needs
  • Up to $120-million towards the Veterans Learning Benefit, which would provide full support for the costs of college, university or technical education for veterans after service


  • Increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement – aimed at helping low-income seniors – by $700-million
  • The ‘Secure Retirement Option,’ which would allow Canadians to save an extra five to 10 per cent of their pay in a refirement fund backed by the CPP
  • Public education campaign and additional funding for brain research, particularly into diseases including dementia and Alzheimer’s.


  • A new six-month family care employment insurance benefit similar to the EI parental leave benefit, so that more Canadians can care for gravely ill family members at home without having to quit their jobs
  • A new family care tax benefit, modelled on the child tax benefit, to help low-and middle-income family caregivers who provide essential care to a family member at home. The measure will help an estimated 600,000 family caregivers each year at an annual cost of $750-million. (The website goes on to say that the “Family Care Plan” would be funded by cancelling the Conservatives’ $6-billion corporate tax break.)
  • A $275-million-a-year “Affordable Housing Framework” that aims to reduce homelessness and build and maintain social housing that would be paid for by scraping the $1-billion Public Private Partnership Infrastructure Fund


Will make the immigration and refugee determination processes a “top priority,” including an increase in the number of family class visas and improving credential recognition.

The Environment

  • Institute cap-and-trade system, with a long-term goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050.
  • Immediately eliminate tax break for oil sands (worth $225-million).
  • Green renovation tax credit ($400-million) for energy-efficient home renovations.
  • Quadruple renewable energy production from 2009 levels by 2017 and bring back Renewable Power Production Incentive program with an investment of $1-billion, with the goal of making renewable sources worth 10 per cent of total electricity output by 2017.
  • Protect more national parks and marine habitats.