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Michael Ignatieff supports seniors with Liberal Family Pack

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff met with Laval seniors today to talk about the Liberal Family Pack and how it will strengthen pensions and help families with the financial pressures of caregiving.

This article was taken from the Liberal Party‘s website, April 8, 2011. The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the makers and contributors of Young Canadians Vote.

Supporter of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff holding a sign

A supporter of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff listens as he speaks at the campaign office of Mario Ferri's on April 9, 2011. Photo by Georges Alexandar

LAVAL – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff met with Laval seniors today to talk about the Liberal Family Pack and how it will strengthen pensions and help families with the financial pressures of caregiving.

“Over the past two years, I’ve met with seniors all across Canada and worked on their behalf to develop a plan that will address their needs and honour their contribution to our country,” said Mr. Ignatieff

“With the Liberal Family Pack, we’re bringing a new level of stability and respect to Canadian seniors by making sure they can all retire with security and dignity. We’re going to give them help with the cost of caregiving, help them save for their grandchildren’s education, give them more choice with child care and help them keep their energy bills down.”

The Liberal Family Pack will support Canada’s seniors by:

Strengthening public pensions, by gradually expanding the Canada Pension Plan, offering a new Secure Retirement Option, and helping low-income seniors;
Helping with care for elderly or seriously ill loved ones and managing the financial pressures of caregiving with the Liberal Family Care Plan;
Giving seniors and their extended families more child care choices with our Early Childhood Learning and Care fund;
Helping seniors save for their grandchildren’s education with the Canadian Learning Passport by providing at least $4,000 dollars in non-repayable grants to all post-secondary students through the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) system; and
Helping to keep their energy costs down through the Green Renovation Tax Credit.

“By choosing to spend $6 billion in tax breaks for the largest corporations, $13 billion to build U.S.-style mega-prisons and $30 billion on fighter jets, Stephen Harper can only offer crumbs for seniors,” said Mr. Ignatieff. “In the Conservatives’ recent failed budget, they were giving 20 times more to Canada’s richest corporations than to the poorest seniors. And they spent more on the G20 in a single day than an entire year of new budget initiatives for seniors.

“We can make sure every Canadian enjoys their golden years – without raising your taxes – if we stop corporate giveaways, turn the page on wasteful spending like $30-billion fighter jets, and focus on what really matters: giving every Canadian the tools to succeed.”


The Liberal Family Pack and Canada’s seniors

Stronger Public Pensions

Canadians who work their whole lives to provide for their families deserve a comfortable retirement. To make sure every Canadian has a secure retirement, a Liberal government will:

Work with the provinces and territories to gradually expand the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), the most reliable, simple and low-cost way to save;
Put forward the Secure Retirement Option (SRO), a voluntary supplement to the CPP for any Canadian worker who wants it. Under the SRO, Canadians could save a tax-deductible percentage of their pay in a secure retirement fund backed by the CPP; and
Help low-income seniors with a $700-million boost to the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

Family Care

At one point or another, almost all families will face the challenge of a loved one falling ill, whether it’s an aging parent, a young child, or a spouse and partner.

To help Canadians who care for elderly or seriously ill loved ones manage the financial pressures of caregiving, the Liberal Family Care Plan will offer:

A new Family Care Employment Insurance Benefit, similar to EI parental leave, to let caregivers take six months off work to care for gravely ill family members at home; and
A new Family Care Tax Benefit up to $1,350 annually, modeled on the Child Tax Benefit, to help low- and middle-income family caregivers manage costs.

Learning Passport

The new Learning Passport will open the doors for every young Canadian who wants to go to college, university or CÉGEP, and help every family struggling to save enough to pay for it:

$1,000 a year over four years for every high school student in Canada to use when they go to college, university or CÉGEP, or $4,000 in total;
For students in low-income families, the amount will be $1,500 a year, or an extra $6,000 in total.

Early Childhood Learning and Care

To give our kids the best start while giving parents access to affordable, quality child care, a Liberal government will create a new Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund. This fund will help create new affordable child care spaces across Canada.

Green Renovation Tax Credit

To help Canadians save on energy costs while helping the environment, a Liberal government will implement a permanent Green Renovation Tax Credit of up to $13,500. This fund will help families with the up-front costs of energy-saving home renovations such as installing energy-efficient windows, improving insulation, replacing old appliances, and upgrading roofing.