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Mike Lamb

Mike on top of Mt. Lady MacDonald in Canmore, AB.

Name: Mikael Lamb

Age: 22

Voting Status: Yes!

<– That is Mike Lamb.  He is currently in his second year of Political Science at the University of Calgary, because he loves it! Business degrees are a bit dry people.  He got involved in Young Canadians Vote because he loves politics, and wants to help others who don’t know anything about politics, or don’t know where to look.

A few months ago he was in the same boat as most people, he didn’t have a clue. Being a part of Young Canadians Vote has offered a great opportunity to inform himself about the politics of the country and offer others help as well.

Mike loves the outdoors.  He loves climbing, backpacking, adventure racing, and long walks on the beach (that’s the real reason he’s in Calgary).  University has helped him to see the importance of being aware of what is going on at the helm of his country.

Hope you enjoy the website, cheers!

You can contact him at

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    oh Mike your such a dream boat