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New Democratic Party

The following information is taken from NDP leader Paul Dewar’s website. The views expressed  are those of the Liberal Party of Canada and do not necessarily express those of the founders and contributors of

The New Democratic Party is a progressive political party in Canada with a social democratic philosophy. The party contests elections at both the federal and provincial levels. On the Canadian political spectrum it holds a left-of-centre position. It currently has 36 Members in the House of Commons, including Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar who serves as the party’s foreign affairs critic.

New Democrats in Manitoba and Nova Scotia currently form the provincial governments. Other provincial wings of the party have previously formed government in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and the Yukon Territory.

The New Democratic Party’s predecessor, the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, grew from agrarian and democratic socialist roots. While the party was secular and pluralistic, it had a strong relationship with the Christian left and the Social Gospel movement. The Federation refashioned itself by forming the New Democratic Party which broadened the movement to include labour and New Left movements which advocate for personal freedoms, human rights, women’s issues, and environmental protection.

New Democrats today lead the charge in Canadian politics for

  • innovating and prospering in a new energy economy,
  • building a clean and sustainable Canada,
  • investing in a Canada where no one is left behind,
  • redefining Canada’s place in the world as a voice for peace,
  • governing in an inclusive and fair Canada, and
  • strengthening human rights.

New Democrats’ strong advocacy for progressive policies and actions on the Canadian federal scene has been credited for many of the cherished programs and policies the federal government has adopted, including the establishment of Canada’s universal healthcare system.