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Who do I vote for?

The following article explains how your vote translates to a vote for the political party each candidate represents. It’s not meant as a thorough explanation of Canada’s Electoral system.

Stephen Harper

Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper

Michael Ignatieff

Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignattieff

Jack Layton

NDP Leader Jack Layton







Elizabeth May

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

Gill Deceppe

Bloc Québécois leader Gill Deceppe

If you’ve ever wondered what leader to vote for in this election, let us simplify it for you, You Don’t! (Unless you’re in their riding.)

The way your vote translates to the party is simple.

In each of the 308 federal ridings each party has a local candidate looking to get your vote. On May 2 you will mark a ballot that has the names of the local representatives of the parties running in your riding. Once your vote is collected and tallied up the candidate with the most votes in that riding wins. At the end of the election, the party with the most elected members gets to form the next parliament (government).

To find the candidates running in your area click on the photos of each party leader to be directed to their corresponding candidate riding search tool. Or click here to find out who the candidates are in your riding, where to vote, and possible job openings during election day in your voting station through Elections Canada.